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What is virtual reality (VR)?

(Lint from a pocket) – The new buzzword in the wonderful world of technology is virtual reality, or VR. Don’t be misled into believing it’s a brand-new technology; it isn’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth getting excited about.

You’ve come to the right location if you’re wondering what virtual reality is and why you should be having your knickers or pants twisted over it.

We’re going to explain what virtual reality is, how it works, and the devices are actually available that use this amazing technology that you can learn about.

What is virtual reality (VR) and how does it work?

First and foremost, you must understand what virtual reality is. The name gives it away: it’s the sensation of being in a world that doesn’t exist. We’re not talking about getting lost in a book or daydreaming about a photograph or drawing, though these are also technically virtual reality experiences.

Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that allows you to interact with a 3D world that isn’t real by wearing a head-mounted display and using some kind of input tracking. The monitor will usually be split between your eyes, producing a stereoscopic 3D effect with stereo sound, and when combined with the technology and input tracking, it will create an interactive, realistic environment, enabling you to explore the computer’s virtual world.

Virtual reality can make you feel as if you are physically and mentally present. When you turn your head, the world around you turns with you, so the illusion formed by whatever world you’re in never fades.

When you’re watching a movie in the theatre, the split-second panic you might have when a catastrophic earthquake occurs on screen will vanish as soon as you turn your head to see the person next to you eating popcorn. Films and books transport you to various fantasy realms, but they are not worlds in which your decisions have an effect.

What is the origin of virtual reality?

Virtual reality, as we know it today, has been around for decades. To give you an idea, the first head-mounted display wasn’t an Oculus Rift, despite the fact that it is widely regarded as the device that sparked the VR revolution. Instead, it was a device called Headsight, which was developed in the 1960s. However, there were non-digital forerunners, all the way back to 360-degree paintings, that shared the same goal: to transport your experience to a new location. Virtual reality is the wise man of technology, and not only because it is ancient.
For the past 200 years, the technology has been used for everything from science and medicine to pilot training and helping architects show their new skyscraper, enabling people to walk through it before a single brick has been laid.
Yes, the current emphasis is mostly on gaming, but VR is useful for more than that. Virtual reality has a wide range of uses, which can only develop as the technology advances.

What is virtual reality and how does it work?

Virtual reality, as described in this article, usually involves a head-mounted display, a monitor, smartphone, or console to construct the 3D environment, and some type of input tracking, such as hand tracking, voice tracking, or head tracking.
This setup is currently used by a range of head-mounted displays, including those from Oculus, HP, HTC, and PlayStation.
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